Getting to the Root Causes of Adult Acne

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When your skin is unhealthy, it’s hard to hide it. Unfortunately, adult acne is a common (and annoying) problem for many. Hormonal imbalances and issues within the digestive system are two common factors that may be at the root of adult acne.

Elevated levels of testosterone in women result in increased sebum (oil) production. The oils feed an bacteria in the skin that results in more breakouts. This hormone imbalance may also be related to a condition called PCOS that creates issues with ovulation and fertility.

If hormones are a suspected cause of your skin troubles your naturopathic doctor may recommend testing be done via blood or saliva. Natural treatments include herbs to help balance hormones, and a low-glycemic diet to help balance blood sugar imbalances that are commonly associated with elevated testosterone in women.

Understanding the relationship between your gut and your skin is also critical to treating acne naturally. Lack of digestive enzymes, tendency to constipation, chronic low-grade parasite or yeast infections, and food sensitivities have all been found to contribute to persistent skin problems.

Food sensitivity testing is an easy and extremely valuable tool for identifying foods that may be creating imbalance within your digestive system. Digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fish oils may be used to help improve digestion. Including plenty of soluble fibre, in the form of leafy vegetables, berries, and seeds also helps promote healthy bowel function.

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