3 Ways to Avoid Summer Snack Pitfalls

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As much as we’d like to think that summer means more exercise and healthy eating, the reality is that temptation for poor food choices is everywhere. Many people find their healthy diet derailed after a summer of BBQs, camping trips, and beachside food vendors.

Summer fun doesn’t mean that you need to sabotage your good eating habits. Rather than filling your cupboards, cabins, and campsites with junk food, make a few healthy changes to the usual summer fare.

Be prepared. Keep a big bowl of fruit salad in the fridge for breakfasts (top with nuts & seeds).  Make some hearty salads (Greek, marinated vegetable, quinoa & chickpea) for a quick summer supper. Foil wrap packs of veggies to throw on the BBQ or campfire.

Take the fun…and the food outside. Go on healthy food adventures like picking fresh fruit or visiting the local farmer’s market. Follow a picnic in the park with a walk or game of frisbee.

When entertaining, resist the temptation to put out sweets and chips. Instead offer your guests fresh fruit, or platters with hummus, veggies and rice crackers. If you really need to satisfy the sweet tooth, then make an event of going out for a small treat.

If you’ve been working hard to stick to a healthy diet then there is no reason that you shouldn’t share your success and favorite foods with your guests. In fact, you may even inspire them to make healthy changes of their own!

For more ways to develop your optimal diet plan contact Penticton Naturopathic Clinic. We wish you a happy and healthy summer!

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