2018 Intentions are powerful!

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Photo by STIL on UnsplashHistorically around this time of year many of us have vowed to a certain resolution of how we want to change something within ourselves. The most typical resolutions being physical self improvements: losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, drinking more water stopping a bad habit, or gratitude/journaling. Only to find we fall short within a few weeks or months, either because our reach is too big, or it is something we have “should-ed” ourselves into doing. ie Lose X # of pounds by X date. The pressure and expectation we lay upon ourselves leads to increased stress, and certainty of an incomplete.

We forget that good health is a process not a destination. When we take up any new project, we need to go very slow until we get the hang of it, and may have to restart the project many times to get things just right. Like an artist that will revisit and adjust their piece over and over. It is more effective if we change our focus to a gradual shift of changing. Changing our mind and intention of what we desire, rather than the impending doom of what I ‘have’ to do.

Here are a few ideas how to make those health changes you desire: 1) Make your week 10 days long- exercising 2-3x in 10 days is better than the 3 in 7 you may not get to. 2) Start your goal fresh biweekly that way- you have a chance to do better than you did in the last couple weeks; drink more water this week than last. 3) Pre-plan your week ie. your chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian days. 4) Write a ‘letter of intention’ to yourself for the year and revisit that letter 2-3X throughout the year – much like a theme of how you want to conduct your life. This opens up the energy for change, new thoughts, and new actions. Ie I am a calm relaxed person, I have a strong limber body, I have an open mind and try new things. I nourish my body with healthy foods.

By nurturing your intention(s) they will become part of your daily practice, and the way you live your life.

We wish you success, happiness and good health in 2018.

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